SongBook Beta Version

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The software on this page is beta, i.e. does not yet have release quality.

Please make sure you have a current backup of your songs before you install beta versions.

SongBook iOS 5.2.1 beta

We're using Apple TestFlight to distribute betas of SongBook iOS. Click here if you'd like to participate in the beta test.

SongBook Android 5.8 beta

Download SongBook Android Beta
(last change 2021-07-15)

SongBook Mac 4.0 beta

Download SongBook Mac Beta
(last change 2021-07-20)

SongBook for Windows PCs 5.0 beta

Download SongBook Windows Beta Setup
(last change 2021-06-16)

Please send us your bug reports, feedback and suggestions.

Last Update: 2021-07-20