Secret! Desktop 6.5.4 Strong Encryption For Your Data on Windows

Main Secret! Desktop WindowSystem Requirements

Secret! Desktop runs on all Windows versions. You can use it as a standalone program, or you can synchronize the data with a handheld running Secret! Android.

Secret! Android synchronizes via WiFi, so you need a WiFi connection between your PC and the mobile device.

See version history at the end of this page.

Installation And Upgrade

Download and run the self-extracting setup. The setup will automatically install Secret! Desktop and synchronization software (if applicable).

If you want to synchronize with a handheld, first install Secret! on the handheld, open it on the handheld (so that a new database is created), then synchronize with your PC.

When you switch mobile devices or platforms, first set up the synchronization with the new device as described above, then use File - Import - <Data Source> to import data of the old device.

You should always install newer versions of Secret! Desktop into the original directory, without removing the previous installation. Your data and settings will be preserved. Note: if you upgrade to a new major version (e.g. from 5.x to 6.x) you need to purchase an upgrade.

You can run a registered Secret! Desktop from a USB stick. Just select Tools - Copy to USB drive. This will copy the program, data file and all settings to the selected folder. If you start Secret! from this location, it will not touch anything on the host computer.

Password DialogHow To Use Secret! Desktop

When you start Secret! Desktop, you must first enter your Secret! password. This is the same password that you use to encrypt your Secret! data on your handheld. It is not the registration key.

If you have multiple users or handhelds, please make sure to select the correct data source from the dropdown list.

You can create a new local Secret! data file or work with an existing file by selecting (Local File) from the data source dropdown. The last used file/data source is remembered.

Category in Read-Only ModeIn the left part of the main window you will see a category dropdown and the list of the Secret! records in the selected category. This list is sorted in alphabetical order. To the right you can view and edit the currently selected record. You can set a different text font in the Tools - Options dialog.

Through the Record menu, you can mark a record as read-only to prevent accidental changes. Read-only mode is indicated by a gray background.

The Secret! Desktop window can be resized to adjust for the best view. You can also adjust the width of the text area by dragging the black line in the middle of the window.

Most functions are available through the Record menu. You can add, rename, or delete records, or print a single record or all records. The standard popup menu (right mouse click) for cut/copy/paste is available in the right-hand text window.

Tip: You can quickly close Secret! Desktop at any time by pressing the ESC key. All changes will be automatically encrypted and saved.

Multiple Passwords

You can encrypt different records with different passwords. This can be useful if you want to protect some especially important records with an extra-long and complicated password, or if you want to share some information with others using a general password.

Records that cannot be decrypted with the current password(s) will be marked with a hash sign (#) in the list. When you select such a record, Secret! Desktop will ask you for the password for that record. All passwords that you enter while you use Secret! Desktop are saved internally, so you do not need to enter them twice.

To change the password for one record, all records in a given category, or all records, select File - Change Password.

Note that changing the password for multiple records will only work for those records that can currently be decrypted (i.e. are not marked with a hash sign). The same applies to exporting of records.


You can configure various options to increase security or usability by selecting Tools - Options from the menu.

To get more help about a configuration option, click on the little question mark (?) button in the title bar, then on the option in question.

A particularly useful option is Hide after copy. This will automatically put Secret! Desktop into the background whenever you select and copy some text. The previously active program (e.g. a web browser) is put back to the foreground to let you easily enter the copied text into a form. To avoid problems with copy/pasting within Secret! records you can limit this option to work only for read-only records.

Export PasswordRecord Import/Export

You can import and export records encrypted with a different password. This is useful e.g. if you want to manually transfer data to a device, or send part of your Secret! data to someone else.

To export a single record suitable for import into another Secret! Desktop or Secret! handheld application, select Record - Export from the menu. You will be asked for a new password with which to encrypt the exported data. The data in Secret! Desktop will not be changed. To export all records in the currently displayed category, select File - Export from the menu and proceed as above.

To import an encrypted Secret! file, select File - Import from the menu. Note: You can only import files created by Secret Desktop or Secret! on the handheld. To import Secret! webOS data, connect the handheld via USB, and select Tools - Import Secret! webOS Data.

You can also import/export all records as unencrypted plain text in CSV (comma-separated values) or XLS (Excel) format for backup purposes. Please type the file name with extension (e.g. secret.csv) in the Save As dialog box. Be sure to store the unencrypted data in a safe place. Secret! Desktop can import SplashID CSV files. One record per SplashID entry will be created, containing all the information from the different fields.

Note that if you use multiple passwords, only records that can currently be decrypted will be exported (those not marked with a hash sign #).


TAN/OTP ModeThe TAN/OTP mode is useful when you use one-time passwords (OTPs) or transaction numbers (TANs) e.g. for online-banking. You can delete the respective first number of the TAN list by pushing the Use button. The TAN will be automatically copied into the Windows clipboard, so you can easily paste it into the browser form with Ctrl-V.

The number to the right of the TAN list shows the number of still available TANs.

You can store additional information for this TAN list, e.g. bank number and PIN or password, in the area below the list.

A new TAN list must be entered in standard mode (uncheck Record - TAN/OTP mode).



If you work most of the time with Secret! Desktop and not the handheld, it's a good idea to make extra backups of the Secret! Desktop data file. There's an option in Secret! Desktop to automatically create a backup of the original version whenever you change something. You can import such a backup via File - Import - File.

You can see the currently used file under File - Properties.

The name and location of this file depends on the device with which you synchronize.

If you synchronize with a Palm handheld, Secret! Desktop stores its data in a file secret.dat in the directory ...\palm\<Palm User Name>\secret (e.g. c:\program files\palm\LinkeS\secret\secret.dat)

If you synchronize with a Windows Mobile (Pocket PC) handheld, Secret! Desktop stores its data in a file <Partnership Name>-secret.dat (e.g. WM_HX2750-secret.dat) in the directory %AppData%\secret (which is usually c:\users\<Windows User Name>\AppData\secret or c:\users\<Windows User Name>\AppData\Roaming\secret on Vista).
Note: You can change this location in the Secret! ActiveSync/Windows Mobile Device Center settings.

If you synchronize with a BlackBerry handheld, Secret! Desktop stores its data in a file <PIN>-bb.dat (e.g. 258c1334-bb.dat) in the directory %AppData%\secret (which is usually c:\users\<Windows User Name>\AppData\secret or c:\users\<Windows User Name>\AppData\Roaming\secret on Vista).


Please purchase Secret! Desktop on our order page.

To register your copy of Secret! Desktop, enter your Secret! password, then click on the Register button on the main screen.

We offer attractive multi-user discounts and site licenses. Please contact us with the estimated number of users for details.

Note: The license keys for Secret! Desktop and Secret! (Handheld) are different.

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Version History

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